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Live webinars: Fuel up your Customer Service with Artificial Intelligence

customer service

Join our Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service webinars! We are launching a series of free webinars where different experts of the Outvise platform will be introducing us to the newest trends in Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service. Denys Holovatyi, an enthusiastic AI consultant with wide experience in implementing AI in +30 companies, will be our […]

The Pareto Principle and customer value management

Customer value management

Not all customers are created equal. This is because the Pareto Principle applies: a small group within a business’s client base will provide the greatest proportion of revenue. Subsequently, companies that don’t understand a customer’s value are unlikely to distribute their resources strategically. As businesses are increasingly compelled to do more with less, the importance […]

5 steps to mapping an effective customer journey

customer journey

What is the customer journey? The customer journey is the entirety of experience a customer has with your brand. It lays out a detailed map of how a customer begins and ends their interaction with you. The customer journey does not look at how only one part of the transaction works. Instead, it looks at […]