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How a strong vendor management strategy can push digital transformation

vendor management

Reading Time: 4 minutes There are several factors that feed into digital transformation from across the world of business, including vendor management. There are areas of growth, investment and strategy that all have a role to play in a company’s digital transformation process. The role they all play together feeds into the whole picture of a growth strategy. In […]

Navigating the telecommunications regulations landscape now

telecommunications regulations

Reading Time: 4 minutes Telecommunications regulations have always played a key role in the business environment. Today, regulation touches all aspects of the business​, from​ networks and technology to marketing, legal and finance. Certainly, governments need to protect consumers from monopolies and discriminatory practices. Good communications are key to the quality of life and regional development, so in many […]

Improve strategic talent sourcing in the gig economy

strategic talent sourcing

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is strategic talent sourcing? When we talk about strategic talent sourcing from a recruitment point of view, we are talking about the method of creating opportunities to source talent at the lowest possible total cost. It is separate from other channels of procurement, where the lowest possible purchase price is sought. Strategic sourcing, in […]

New challenges in regulatory affairs in the telecoms industry

regulatory affairs

Reading Time: 4 minutes Within a highly competitive, globalised economy, the telecoms industry plays a pioneering role in innovation and productivity growth across sectors. However, as a result of this tendency towards innovation, telecoms face significant challenges in regard to regulations. For instance, the recent introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation – alias GDPR – has created numerous […]

Data compliance solutions after GDPR and beyond

data compliance

Reading Time: 3 minutes The European Union introduced General Data Protection Regulation – otherwise known an GDPR – on 25 May 2018. This new compliance framework was designed to harmonise and modernise data protection law across Europe. Whereas data protection laws introduced in the mid-90s had struggled to keep pace with technological development, these regulations sought to effectively manage […]