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The 4 key metrics essential to a startup’s financial health

financial health

Reading Time: 4 minutes Launching a startup is often a precarious endeavour. This is why tracking the business’s financial health is essential to growth. That is, when a decision needs to be taken, the leadership has to know and understand the company’s key objectives and have a clear vision of how they intend to reach them. If the current […]

Financial modelling: Not just for big corporate MA transactions

Financial modelling: Not just for big corporate MA transactions

Reading Time: 8 minutes The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic threw many business plans into disarray. With no forecasts, budget plans or revenue projections to account for the unfolding crisis, many executives were left scrambling to get to grips with not just the pandemic’s immediate impact, but its long-term consequences. This event alone makes a strong case for implementing […]

Source the right talent for fibre optic network design

network design

Reading Time: 7 minutes A global marketplace requires global-ready communications. This means that every player in business has had to adapt to changes rapidly – and technology is moving fast. Less than a couple of decades ago, super-fast wireless communication was seen as a major achievement. Today, it’s a basic customer expectation. Nor is it simply a question of […]

How companies can foster business development in their long-term strategy

business development

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you have a clear idea of what business development really means? There can be just as many definitions of what it is as there are people who will tell you. In its simplest terms, it is every aspect of a business’s growth. Business development is a business’s profit, sales share, market increase and the […]

Outsourcing IT expertise: Benefits and challenges


Reading Time: 3 minutes Outsourcing can bring substantial advantages to an organisation; from cost to fresh talent, introducing external influence has a number of benefits. However, with these positives come some negatives, as when implementing an outsourcing initiative, there are several obstacles businesses need to overcome. For example, outsourcing requires collaboration, compromise, and occasionally, unexpected investments. Here, we run […]

What is BPM software and how can businesses benefit from it?

BPM software

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is BPM software? Putting it simply, Business Process Management refers to the way we can analyse and perfect or eliminate processes in a work or production flow. It is a way of discovering where problems such as bottlenecks and wastage are and removing them. BPM Software is a tool that automates this process intending […]

Gig economy and the future of work

gig work

Reading Time: 3 minutes Since the arrival of digital technology, the way companies and employees have engaged has gone through a total transformation. Gig work is changing the employment paradigm allowing companies to access talent in easy and cost-effective ways.  Long-term employer-employees relationships, with fixed yearly salaries and organisational charts, are no longer the norm. The digital economy has […]