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A dilemma that an information security analyst faces

information security analyst

While the businesses all over the world are embracing the digital transformation as one of the interventions to stay relevant in an increasingly competitive world, ICT professionals, in particular an information security analyst, faces huge challenges in protecting the business data. Virtually every business is, to a larger or lesser extent, reliant on digital systems […]

Information Security Job Roles

This article reviews the top 3 most demanded information security job roles, industry certifications, and relevant skill sets that every business must consider for greater assurance and resiliency and also to meet both the long- and short-term business objectives.  The business requirements to meet and exceed customer expectations demand a continuous evolution of the technology […]

Why you should hire a cyber security consultant

cyber security consultant

With rapid advancements in technology comes risk. As IoT and AI become more ubiquitous and data proliferates, the threat of cyber attacks increases. The more vast and disparate the data is, the number of entry points increases, and thus, protection from hacking, spamming and black hat practices become ever more necessary and urgent. Thus, the […]

What are the main challenges a CTO faces today?


Technology is a dynamic and ever-changing field. With new developments and disruptors appearing seemingly daily, an organisation’s CTO has to constantly face up to new challenges. Today, this is more the case than ever. With game-changing new developments like 5G, collaborative Cloud platforms and artificial intelligence (AI) rapidly changing the way we do business, CTOs […]

Cyber security and IoT in a 5G reality

cyber security

5G is coming – and with this new digital landscape we can expect an exponential increase in IoT devices. This presents new challenges in regard to cyber security; as many are well aware, devices that connect to large external WiFi or Cloud networks can be at risk. Until recently, enterprises have accepted that they can […]