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A quick overview of SAP MM and why businesses need it


Reading Time: 3 minutes Inventory and material management is one of the most complex aspects of operating a large enterprise. SAP MM (Material Management) is one of the key modules of SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Falling under the logistical and manufacturing functions of the business process, this module enables organisations to optimise their procurement and inventory activities. Undoubtedly […]

SAP PP: Production Planning for Small and Large Businesses


Reading Time: 3 minutes Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing – Production Planning also known as SAP PP is one of several development modules under Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The module focuses on how business managers can plan processes to align demand with manufacturing capacity and create production schedules for finished products and procurement schedules for component materials. […]

Why you need an SAP BASIS expert and where to find one

SAP Basis

Reading Time: 3 minutes SAP BASIS, or SAP Business Application Software Integrated Solution, is the technical foundation that allows SAP applications to function. Essentially, it is a set of middleware tools that support the compatibility, operability and portability of SAP software across different systems and databases. These programs and tools will act as an interface with databases, operating systems, […]

Do more with SAP BW


Reading Time: 3 minutes Developed by German software company SAP, Business Warehouse (SAP BW) is primarily used to integrate data from various sources to transform, consolidate and cleanse the information in preparation for storage. This process is an integral part of data warehousing, which today, is an essential business function.  Data warehousing is defined as the process of extracting, […]