Digital Analytics: what is and how it will leverage a data-driven digital marketing strategy

In today’s hyper-connected world any action, campaign or communication made to our prospects or clients must be perfectly tied to a global company strategy and specially supported by what our customer/prospect’s data is telling us. The way we can collect and analyze our user’s behavior throughout our company’s digital assets spectrum comprehends the world of […]

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Core values of a successful Chief Data Officer

There are different terms, which might sound similar, but does not mean the same.  Head of Digital or Chief Digital Officer and Chief Data Officer. These both titles share the abbreviation CDO, but the two are not the same job. The difference lies in the way he contributes to the company’s strategic goals and their […]

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Webinar: Inteligencia Artificial y ML en plataformas Cloud

Te invitamos a nuestro primer webinar en Español, donde hablamos de Inteligencia Artificial (IA) en plataformas cloud. Analizaremos las principales ventajas de utilizar IA en las plataformas cloud actuales y cómo reducir costes de forma eficaz, su adopción e integración y varios ejemplos de clientes que están implementando este tipo de soluciones. El webinar será el próximo 30 […]

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Webinar: Managing the Digital Business: how to choose the right KPI set

As part of spreading the knowledge to strengthen our Community, we would like to invite you to a new webinar where we will talk about the core Digital KPIs and how to choose the most relevant ones based on your business needs. The webinar “Managing the Digital Business: how to choose the right KPI set” […]

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Be a better agile coach: How a lack of leadership leads to failings

agile coach

If you’re a professional agile coach, scrum master or experienced consultant, the following scenario is likely something you’ve come across before. During transformation processes, leadership aren’t enabling agile principles to effectively permeate the organisation. This is largely because they’re excluding middle management from the transformation process – organisational players who frequently create roadblocks in meaningful […]

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A quick overview of SAP MM and why businesses need it


Inventory and material management is one of the most complex aspects of operating a large enterprise. SAP MM (Material Management) is one of the key modules of SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Falling under the logistical and manufacturing functions of the business process, this module enables organisations to optimise their procurement and inventory activities. Undoubtedly […]

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Throwback to our AI for Customer Service webinars

“Robots are not going to replace humans, they are going to make their jobs much more humane.”   by  Sabine Hauert, Co-founder of Robohub We are very happy with the results as more than 250 industry professionals joined us and we received more than 50 AI related questions. Our four panelists explained how AI and Customer Service can […]

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Why a PMO manager is essential to achieving organisational objectives

pmo manager

When it comes to coordinating and delivering projects, the Project Management Office (PMO) is a company’s biggest asset. This unit is integral to the smooth-running and timely delivery of an organisation’s various initiatives, ensuring they are completed on time, within budget and satisfying all stakeholder expectations. The PMO manager is the proverbial captain of this […]

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Commercial due diligence: Gain greater confidence in a business plan

commercial due dilligence

Due diligence is a popular phrase in business; whatever the situation, you want to make sure the investment is sound, permissible and sustainable, with a clear understanding of the key risks and potential upsides. Commercial due diligence (CDD) is an important subset of this general approach. CCD is an independent and forward-thinking assessment of a […]

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Location intelligence: The new frontier of advanced analytics

advanced analytics

The digital and physical realms are deeply intertwined. In fact, an enormous amount of the data that companies collect has a geographical element. This data generates location intelligence, a branch of advanced analytics that comprises collecting, enriching, managing and analysing location data to make better decisions, inspire your customers, optimise business processes and be more […]

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