How Outvise UAE is bridging the talent gap in this dynamic region

Outvise UAE

Reading Time: 7 minutes The UAE stands at the forefront of innovation in the tech and telecom landscape, spearheading ambitious initiatives to transform its cities into smart hubs of the future. These projects require a diverse range of expertise, including telecom professionals, data analysts, and cybersecurity specialists, among others. However, finding the right talent to drive these initiatives forward […]

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Navigating the “blue ocean” of the EU Funding and Tenders Portal

eu funding and tenders portal

Reading Time: 6 minutes The EU Funding and Tenders Portal (formerly known as the Participant Portal) is an online platform managed by the European Commission for their various funding programmes and tenders. It serves as a centralised hub for accessing information, submitting proposals and managing projects for EU-funded research and innovation, education and training, environmental sustainability, regional development and […]

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How to make the ‘flexeteriat’ work for you


Reading Time: 6 minutes Every year, various pundits and experts will publish an article or two arguing the wheres and why-fors of their predicted shake ups for the year. Generally, these pieces will contain their projections for year-defining buzzwords, which may or may not set the tone for the coming months. In this year’s offering of 2024 forecasts, one […]

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Why communities are key for female tech experts looking to lead

female tech + communities

Reading Time: 7 minutes As a proud Nigerian woman, I believe empowering the greatest and most diverse number of people is essential to building a better future for all. My commitment to innovation and inclusivity has been a cornerstone of my tech advocacy, and I’m passionate about empowering female tech experts and connecting them in communities.  As a Director […]

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Impacto de la inteligencia artificial en ciberseguridad: ventajas y riesgos

inteligencia artificial en ciberseguridad

Reading Time: 5 minutes En la sociedad digital actual, cada vez son más las empresas y particulares que realizan transacciones virtuales y utilizan el comercio electrónico, lo que requiere de protección frente a amenazas. La integración de la inteligencia artificial (IA) en la ciberseguridad abre nuevas posibilidades para fortalecer estas defensas, con una detección de vulnerabilidades y una respuesta […]

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AI in insurance is game-changing – but you need the right people

ai in insurance

Reading Time: 7 minutes As insurance professionals, we find ourselves in the landscape of Insurance 2.0, where artificial intelligence (AI) takes centre stage. AI in insurance is set to revolutionise the industry, creating both opportunities and challenges. With so many possibilities on the horizon, examining the potential use cases is a fruitful field of discussion. As a natural-born scientist […]

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Fiber in MENA: What lies ahead?

Fiber in MENA

Reading Time: 2 minutes Step into the world of fiber technology with Kholoud Aldorgham, Director General of Fiber Connect Council MENA, as she explores its transformative power in the region. Discover the importance of fiber optics, their advantages over traditional connections, and their role in developing digital infrastructure. From discussing adoption rates to talent challenges, Kholoud examines talent acquisition and emerging […]

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4-day workweek companies: The good, the bad, and the alternatives

4 day work week companies

Reading Time: 7 minutes Productivity is the word on every company’s lips. Now more than ever, organisations need to meet rising demand and get the most out of their resources. However, in a time of tumult, one thing hasn’t changed – our most important resource is still talent. In light of the conditions, how can we get the most […]

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Effective leadership for businesses today

effective leadership for businesses

Reading Time: 2 minutes Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, gaining knowledge is key to becoming a more effective leader in today’s digital era. In this episode we will discuss how being a good leader greatly affects the culture of a company in today’s world. We will discuss handling challenges like automation, focusing on the human aspect, […]

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Cloud-Kostenmanagement: Insider-Tipps für maximale AWS-Ersparnis


Reading Time: 5 minutes Cloud-Technologie hat die Art und Weise, wie Unternehmen IT-Ressourcen verwalten und nutzen, revolutioniert. Mit der Flexibilität und Skalierbarkeit von AWS steigt jedoch auch die Komplexität des Kostenmanagements. Ein strukturierter und strategischer Ansatz ist unerlässlich, um Kosten transparent zu machen, zu kontrollieren und letztendlich zu optimieren. Als AWS Cloud Kostenspezialist gebe ich in diesem Artikel einen […]

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