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The telecom world in the Middle East, more than just a commercial deal

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Telecom Groups in the Middle East are amongst the strongest and most valuable brands. However, like the rest of their global peers, they are in the midst of a significant transformation to get a fair share of the digital growth opportunities while living up to the expectations of numerous stakeholders to contribute more broadly and beyond commercials.

The Middle East’s telecom transformation

Work is changing fast, and so is the Middle East’s telecom scene. In a recent interview with Shabkhez Mahmood, an industry expert, we gained valuable insights into this transformation.

The days of relying solely on oil are over. The Middle East is diversifying, and telecom companies are leading the charge. Shabkhez filled us in on how the pandemic and shifting demographics are speeding up the transformation.

Moreover, telecom companies in the Middle East are broadening their horizons. They’re venturing into new territories, embracing digital technologies, and expanding their services beyond traditional telecommunications. This adaptability is central to their success in the digital age.

Freelancers are a big part of the action, helping the telecom industry stay agile. It’s not just about permanent jobs anymore —freelancers are in high demand, bringing their skills and knowledge to the table.

Another significant change is the regulatory landscape evolving to allow telecom operators to participate in various sectors, including digital banking and more.

As the industry undergoes this seismic shift, it’s crucial to stay informed and adapt. Whether you’re a freelancer looking for your next opportunity or a business leader adapting to the changing landscape, our podcast, Outvise Insights, is here to guide you. We explore the trends and challenges shaping the world of work.

So, join us as we dive into the future of work with Shabkhez. Stay tuned for insights that could reshape your career or business.

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