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Managing a multi-generational team: The definitive soft skills list

soft skills list

Reading Time: 3 minutes Generational diversity in the workplace is growing. Certainly, diversity in all its forms is inherently beneficial; with a variety of perspectives, businesses can nurture collaboration, facilitate mentoring and drive innovation. However, there is a potential for conflict. Different generations can have clashing values and viewpoints, work ethics, and communication styles. Therefore, management needs to have […]

The rising value of emotional intelligence in coaching skills

coaching skills

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the corporate field, coaching skills are widely recognised as one of the most important aspects of effective leadership and people management. However, this skill set isn’t something that you either have or you don’t; there is always time to develop and improve useful skills. In fact, coaching as a methodological concept has a history […]

Do you have the right balance of hard and soft skills?

hard and soft skills

Reading Time: 3 minutes Business and recruitment experts frequently discuss the concept of hard and soft skills, yet they rarely nail down their definition. In brief, hard skills are quantifiable abilities or technical skills appropriate to the position. For instance, a developer’s hard skills are programming languages and data structures. Generally, people can acquire these skills in classroom environments. […]