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IT Solutions Needed by The Modern Day Business

it solutions

Reading Time: 3 minutes The average organisation has several processes for different tasks. Using the example of  a bank which has several customers, it is important that customer details and transactions are properly stored. In order to achieve this, the bank would need IT solutions to constantly backup its data as well as prevent hackers from getting into the […]

Why you should hire a cyber security consultant

cyber security consultant

Reading Time: 3 minutes With rapid advancements in technology comes risk. As IoT and AI become more ubiquitous and data proliferates, the threat of cyber attacks increases. The more vast and disparate the data is, the number of entry points increases, and thus, protection from hacking, spamming and black hat practices become ever more necessary and urgent. Thus, the […]

IT management best practices

it management

Reading Time: 3 minutes Information technology has always been the focal point of managed services within businesses. However, often, its presence goes largely unnoticed; team members see a functioning IT system as a given, a sort of operational constant. Often, its presence is only felt when it fails and it’s at this point that a team truly acknowledges it’s […]

The process and role of a successful IT project manager

it project manager

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is an IT project manager and what do they do? A project manager is responsible for the organisation and coordination of IT projects on a wide scale. Their roles may include: Setting up a dedicated office and team Communicating with staff, salespeople and clients about conditions and demands of the project Sustaining a working, […]