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IT Solutions Needed by The Modern Day Business

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The average organisation has several processes for different tasks. Using the example of  a bank which has several customers, it is important that customer details and transactions are properly stored. In order to achieve this, the bank would need IT solutions to constantly backup its data as well as prevent hackers from getting into the system.

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In this article, we take a look at what IT solutions are and the different types available.

What are IT Solutions?

A typical information technology solution comprises a collection of connected software services and/or programs within a pack which when applied can solve a specific need or problem. For example, the public cloud computing platform offered by Google and Microsoft are information technology solutions.

Types of IT solutions for Businesses

Numerous IT solutions exist on the market today, and identifying an ideal solution for your business requires knowing what to look out for.. The typical technology solution has a problem to solve thereby making it easy to categorize under broad headers. Some of these categories are below:

Hardware & Software

Hardware such as laptops and printers are regarded as IT products, however, when a software such as Microsoft Suite is loaded on it, it becomes a tool useful for carrying out tasks which in turn makes it an IT solution. If the license on the Microsoft Suite expires, the laptop goes back to its previous status quo of being a product as it can no longer satisfy the need of the user.

Network Infrastructure

Network infrastructure is the creation of a path of communication among various hardware through internet connectivity. Typical devices that you would find in a network infrastructure include desktops and printers. 

Network Security as an IT solutions

When a path of communication has been created among hardware and software, safeguards need to be put in place to protect information that will pass through the path from malicious attacks. Also, depending on the industry which your company operates in, there might be prescribed guidelines from regulators on how to setup network infrastructure. 

This is where network security solutions come in. You can protect the data within your network system and also ensure you comply with industry laws.

Database Management System (DBMS)

Before you can store, process or retrieve data, you need to have a reserve for it. This is more or less what a database System is. For the average company a DBMS is used to store both customer and personnel information for future referencing.

Cloud Computing

A malicious attack on your network infrastructure can lead to loss of data. But, if data is being stored and backed up while in use, the chance of loss can be reduced. Cloud computing is an IT solution that allows hosting of data over a dedicated network. Unlike the DBMS, data is being stored online realtime.

Managed IT Service

Some organizations may not have the capacity to retain an inhouse  IT team.In such a case, they seek contractors to manage certain aspects of their network infrastructure from performing software upgrades to constant maintenance of hardware. Such contractors are usually on a retainership,

On Demand IT solutions

This is similar to Managed IT service with the only difference being that companies do not keep the contractors on a retainership. Here, the contractor is only called upon when a specific need arises. When that need has been met, an individual service fee gets paid.

Mobile Device Management

With remote work becoming more popular, mobile devices have evolved beyond tools for receiving calls and messages. Now, they can perform the same tasks as laptops. For companies with employees who like to use their mobile devices to respond to work emails or carry out tasks, such devices need to be encrypted to ensure the company’s data is protected at all times.

Software Support

Updates are constantly released by developers to improve the capabilities of their software.This calls for expert support as certain software developers have approved operators to provide support on their software.


IT solutions are meant to be applied to solve a need. As a business owner, you must have identified a certain gap or problem in your processes that requires a technology solution. However, it is important you ensure that the problem identified can be solved by either of these below:   

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Network Security
  • Software Support
  • Database Management System
  • Cloud Computing
  • Managed IT Service
  • On Demand IT
  • Mobile Device Management
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