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Sourcing Talent in the Digital Age

Be a Successful Digital Project Manager in Digital Era

digital project manager

Reading Time: 3 minutes The demand for digital project manager is increasing day by day. In the twenty-first century, as more and more organizations are digitizing their business, they require new skilled and trained workforce to drive their digital transformation projects.  A key role in such transformation efforts is a digital transformation project management. What is Digital Transformation? Digital […]

Why a PMO manager is essential to achieving organisational objectives

pmo manager

Reading Time: 4 minutes When it comes to coordinating and delivering projects, the Project Management Office (PMO) is a company’s biggest asset. This unit is integral to the smooth-running and timely delivery of an organisation’s various initiatives, ensuring they are completed on time, within budget and satisfying all stakeholder expectations. The PMO manager is the proverbial captain of this […]

Six Sigma: A journey to excellence

six sigma

Reading Time: 4 minutes In an increasingly turbulent business environment, it is more challenging than ever to become successful and stay successful. Leaders are facing numerous obstacles both internally and externally, prompting the questions, how can they face up to these new, evolving challenges? How can they get ahead of the competition? And how do they maintain this competitive […]