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Empowering women in tech through professional communities

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In this episode of Outvise Insights, we’re excited to introduce our esteemed guest speaker, E.J. Alawode, who serves as the Director of the community “Women Who Code” in Barcelona. Together, we delve into the pivotal roles that supportive communities play in empowering women in tech. E.J. also shares insights from her active involvement in tech communities, addresses the concerning underrepresentation of women in the industry, and particularly the profound impact of the freelance revolution.

Empowering women in tech beyond professional growth

Empowering women in tech is profoundly influenced by supportive communities within the sector, not only fostering professional growth but driving essential changes in the workforce. These communities act as transformative agents, creating a nurturing environment where the empowerment of women in tech becomes a central focus, allowing them to thrive amidst challenges in the industry.

Within these communities, women gain access to invaluable resources, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities crucial for their career development. By fostering mentorship, these communities effectively bridge the gap between experienced professionals and aspiring women in tech, facilitating the transfer of knowledge and expertise.

Empowering women in tech goes beyond just professional growth; it involves the development of leadership skills, confidence, and a feeling of being part of a community. Encouraging women in tech to take on leadership positions is crucial for breaking barriers and challenging traditional gender roles in the tech workforce.

These communities act as driving forces for broader transformations in the tech workforce by actively promoting diversity and inclusion. This collective effort contributes to dismantling systemic biases and stereotypes, creating a more equitable industry. The collective strength translates into a positive impact on company cultures, policies, and industry practices, fostering a supportive system and empowering women in tech.

Supportive communities play a crucial role in helping women in tech grow professionally and personally. By working together, offering mentorship, and sharing experiences, these communities are shaping a future where women in tech not only survive but also thrive. This contributes to a more diverse, dynamic, and forward-thinking industry.

E.J. is the Director at Women Who Code, a social impact researcher, and advocate - a digital changemaker devoted to harnessing technology's transformative power for women's empowerment. She's committed to fostering inclusivity in the tech sphere.

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