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Closing the talent gap: Choosing the right platform for your business

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Get ready for an informative and exciting episode as we sit down with talent platform expert and CEO of Open Assembly, Barry Matthews. In this episode of Outvise Insights, you’ll learn about the growth of talent marketplaces and gain insights into overcoming common misconceptions and challenges when selecting the right platform for your business. With Barry’s expert advice, and with the help of Open Assembly, you can discover how choosing the right platform can maximize the benefits to transform your business.

Choosing the right platform to find talent

In the evolving work landscape, talent platforms are emerging as influential players, shaping the future of workforce talent platforms. These platforms leverage technology to facilitate connections between businesses and freelancers, streamlining the process and potentially reducing costs.

One noteworthy point to consider is the existence of certain misconceptions among businesses when it comes to talent platforms. It’s imperative to address these misconceptions, emphasising the advantages these platforms offer, while also reassuring companies about security and intellectual property protection.

The idea of a “blended workforce” comes into play, where companies can seamlessly incorporate external experts into their projects, marking a significant aspect of the future of workforce talent platforms. The importance of evaluating freelancers not just for their skills but also for cultural alignment with the company’s values and objectives is emphasised.

Selecting the right talent platform can be a complex decision due to the intricacies of the industry. It’s advisable to explore advice, reviews, and opt for platforms with established reputations for quality and safety.

Looking forward, the future of workforce talent platforms appears promising. The integration of generative AI in matching freelancers with suitable opportunities is on the horizon. Additionally, there are discussions about enhancing cross-platform information sharing, using blockchain for credential verification, and improving safety measures for companies engaging freelancers.

In essence, choosing the right talent platform is playing a transformative role in the workforce landscape, offering potential benefits for both businesses and freelancers, with technological advancements paving the way for a more interconnected future of work.

He is the CEO of Open Assembly, a Talent Architect, and a leading advocate for the Blended Workforce. With a history of building successful professional services firms and a knack for spotting tech trends, Barry co-hosts the podcast "How The Future Works" and is passionate about transforming the world of work. Together with his wife and business partner, Eleanor Matthews, he's dedicated to educating and inspiring employers to embrace flexible and on-demand work models.

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