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Live webinars: Fuel up your Customer Service with Artificial Intelligence

Join our Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service webinars!

We are launching a series of free webinars where different experts of the Outvise platform will be introducing us to the newest trends in Artificial Intelligence for Customer Service.

Denys Holovatyi, an enthusiastic AI consultant with wide experience in implementing AI in +30 companies, will be our host panelist for this series.

Discover Practical AI use cases in Customer Service together with Anna Augé, and Denys Holovatyi. In this webinar, you will learn how to lower the time to first response and time to resolution to keep your SLAs intact, as well as about chatbots, ticket tagging, and urgency detection. We will also mention some technologies, such as text recognition and sentiment analysis.

Understand how to choose the right AI technologies to transform your Customer Service together with Mercedes Rodriguez, a conversational designer and software developer, currently focused on Google Assistant, and Denys Holovatyi. In this webinar, you will learn about the technologies that you can use for your AI projects. We’ll cover large and small providers and teach you how to make a chatbot!

Learn how to implement AI in Customer Service and not mess up together with Olga Sinkova, a self-made Digital Analytics expert working with the worlds best known brands, including Daimler, Audi and RedBull, and Denys Holovatyi. In this webinar, you will learn how to execute your AI and analytics projects successfully, how to measure success in AI, and how to make sure your company is actually using it.

Covid-19 update: At Outvise we are supporting our clients by offering the flexibility that is needed to overcome the challenges of more digitalization and more remote work than ever.

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