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Digital Analytics: what is and how it will leverage a data-driven digital marketing strategy

In today’s hyper-connected world any action, campaign or communication made to our prospects or clients must be perfectly tied to a global company strategy and specially supported by what our customer/prospect’s data is telling us. The way we can collect and analyze our user’s behavior throughout our company’s digital assets spectrum comprehends the world of […]

Location intelligence: The new frontier of advanced analytics

advanced analytics

The digital and physical realms are deeply intertwined. In fact, an enormous amount of the data that companies collect has a geographical element. This data generates location intelligence, a branch of advanced analytics that comprises collecting, enriching, managing and analysing location data to make better decisions, inspire your customers, optimise business processes and be more […]

Is telco geared to reap the fruits of smart homes, cities and CISS?


Attend any given telco conference and still, after several years now, you’ll hear the same buzzwords: IoT and digital transformation. These are likely to be mixed in with other flavours of the moment like AI, CISS, cloud, and smart homes. However, the industry’s love affair with this jargon isn’t unfounded. The sector is under pressure […]

Helix IPTV: A prime example of grey-zone IPTV

helix iptv

At current rates, it’s possible that regular broadcast TV will become a thing of the past as younger generations turn towards streaming services. As it stands, video on demand (VoD) platforms can replace regular broadcast TV in almost all cases, with the exception of news coverage and major events, like Premier League football games or […]

SAP PP: Production Planning for Small and Large Businesses


Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing – Production Planning also known as SAP PP is one of several development modules under Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The module focuses on how business managers can plan processes to align demand with manufacturing capacity and create production schedules for finished products and procurement schedules for component materials. […]

Why you need an SAP BASIS expert and where to find one

SAP Basis

SAP BASIS, or SAP Business Application Software Integrated Solution, is the technical foundation that allows SAP applications to function. Essentially, it is a set of middleware tools that support the compatibility, operability and portability of SAP software across different systems and databases. These programs and tools will act as an interface with databases, operating systems, […]

Do more with SAP BW


Developed by German software company SAP, Business Warehouse (SAP BW) is primarily used to integrate data from various sources to transform, consolidate and cleanse the information in preparation for storage. This process is an integral part of data warehousing, which today, is an essential business function.  Data warehousing is defined as the process of extracting, […]

5G WiFi vs. WiFi6: Is This a Battle That Can Bring Out Only One Winner?

5g wifi

Over the decade, we saw the rapid innovation in technology which led to an increased dependence on connectivity. Today, access to the internet is a major part of the average consumer’s life as more businesses and activities are becoming digitised. This has set in motion the demand for improved networks such as 5G wifi which […]

IT Solutions Needed by The Modern Day Business

it solutions

The average organisation has several processes for different tasks. Using the example of  a bank which has several customers, it is important that customer details and transactions are properly stored. In order to achieve this, the bank would need IT solutions to constantly backup its data as well as prevent hackers from getting into the […]

What makes a truly professional Scrum master?

professional scrum master

What qualities and achievements turn an expert Scrum Master into a professional Scrum Master? Certificates? Owning a lot of books about Scrum? Going to lots of conferences or clever posts on LinkedIn? These things can help, but the path to becoming a truly professional Scrum master is paved with hard work and dedication. It is […]