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Navigating the telecommunications regulations landscape now

Telecommunications regulations have always played a key role in the business environment. Today, regulation touches all aspects of the business​, from​ networks and technology to marketing, legal and finance. Certainly, governments need to protect consumers from monopolies and discriminatory practices. Good communications are key to the quality of life and regional development, so in many […]

Improve strategic talent sourcing in the gig economy


What is strategic sourcing? When we talk about strategic sourcing from a recruitment point of view, we are talking about the method of creating opportunities to source talent at the lowest possible total cost. It is separate from other channels of procurement, where the lowest possible purchase price is sought. Strategic sourcing, in comparison to […]

Insights into the IoT-powered smart factory

smart factory

A smart factory is a highly digitized and connected production facility, enabled by IoT connected devices. The term Internet of Things generally refers to scenarios where network connectivity and computing capability extends to objects, sensors and everyday items not normally considered computers. This allows these devices to generate, exchange and consume data with minimal human […]

Six Sigma: A journey to excellence

six sigma

In an increasingly turbulent business environment, it is more challenging than ever to become successful and stay successful. Leaders are facing numerous obstacles both internally and externally, prompting the questions, how can they face up to these new, evolving challenges? How can they get ahead of the competition? And how do they maintain this competitive […]

New challenges in regulatory affairs in the telecoms industry

regulatory affairs

Within a highly competitive, globalised economy, the telecoms industry plays a pioneering role in innovation and productivity growth across sectors. However, as a result of this tendency towards innovation, telecoms face significant challenges in regard to regulations. For instance, the recent introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation – alias GDPR – has created numerous […]

How is ETL used to build trusted data pipelines?


Enterprises have always relied on some sort of data to aid decision-making. Way back when, businesses would collect data from face-to-face customer surveys or telephone marketing initiatives. Whatever the method, this information helped them understand their customer better. Today, with the rise of online transactions, social media, and the Internet of Things (sensors that collect […]

The evolution of Machine to Machine (M2M) networks to massive Machine type communications (mMTC)


Communications are changing rapidly. Since the introduction of the first LAN connections, device connectivity has rapidly proliferated into vast cloud networks. Today, the evolution of Machine to Machine (M2M) connections into massive Machine Type Communications – otherwise known as the Internet of Things (IoT) – marks a significant turning point for the Telecom, Media & […]

Ready to transition from micro-management to agile management?

agile management

It’s unsurprising that ‘agile’ was born in computing. This set of management practices were defined by a group of software developers who penned the Manifesto for Software Development in 2001. This document, which still exists online in its original form (with the dated graphic design to boot), laid the foundation for a set of practices […]

Talent sourcing in a digital world

digital world

There’s no doubt about it – digital is transforming the way we do business. Every day, new disruptive technologies emerge that heighten consumer expectations and intensify competition. Talent is crucial to keeping pace with this frenetic market, and subsequently, companies’ sourcing strategy needs to reflect the business environment. As such, the gig economy is proving […]

Outsourcing IT expertise: Benefits and challenges


Outsourcing can bring substantial advantages to an organisation; from cost to fresh talent, introducing external influence has a number of benefits. However, with these positives come some negatives, as when implementing an outsourcing initiative, there are several obstacles businesses need to overcome. For example, outsourcing requires collaboration, compromise, and occasionally, unexpected investments. Here, we run […]

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